We want to remain transparent, and we welcome community suggestions and questions as to the legitimacy and honest intentions of this project.  But we don’t want you to take our word for it, so we will attempt at all times to provide any necessary information required for full transparency.


Our team and community members:

BARR_Official – Burn Redemption Management

runpaint – Inventor of Multi-Proof-of-Burn

jl777 – SuperNET Technical Advisor

stereotype – General Oversight

hananl1styo – Regional Vice President over Southeast Asia

Piston Honda – Sapience Community Representative

l8orre – Fractalcoin Community Representative

sorrros – Keycoin Community Representative

yetiripper – Keycoin Community Representative


The NXT account for the Burn Fund is NXT-HD9P-ZTPP-EHFJ-59VUC.
 – – The BARR held in this account are not in circulation and should not be counted with the current supply.  Sending BARR to this account is essentially burning the BARR itself, as those coins will not be brought back into circulation unless they are re-earned with a new Proof-of-Burn.
 – – This account will never sell BARR, and will only transfer BARR when there is a public transaction ID of the corresponding amount of altcoins being sent to a burn address.  Any BARR donated to this address or bought back by this account will return to the burnfund and will be subject to the same restrictions.  Any NXT donated to this account will be used to buy BARR, which will go back into the burnfund.
The NXT account for the Market Fund is NXT-59NQ-AA5B-V4NT-HAZLY.
 – -This account is strictly for market support.  This account will not receive any BARR except that which is first earned via Proof-of-Burn with public transaction ID.  The proceeds of any BARR sold from this account will be used to buy more BARR.  Any NXT donated to this account will be used to buy BARR;  any BARR held by this account will either be sold for market support funds, or re-burned by sending it back to the burnfund.